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Welding Fume Extractor

Welding Fume Extractor has the numerous names in the world of machine manufacturing that leads to the development of a CLEAN and GREEN world. We are constantly thinking of ways to make the life of our clients a little easier, the work environment safer for the employees, while promoting the cause of eco-friendliness. With this aim, we have designed & developed the world's standard Fume Extractor Machine for effective removal of this harmful byproduct of welding, the scientific way. Ideal for all kinds of fumes emanating from the welding processes this TIG Fume Extractor helps to maintain a hygienic, cheerful, and pleasant condition indoors. The toxic effervescence is extremely harmful for the skin, lungs, and larynx of people who are exposed to such gases as a part of their regular industrial job responsibility. Also, it poses an unnecessary biohazard that requires prompt and safe disposal. Leave it untended for some time and it may lead to severe health issues. So do you want to deal with a constantly absent workforce? Would you like to be the responsible one for the low worker morale? If the answer is NO, it's time to make the right choices in the form of our unique and highly useful Welding Fume Extractor Machine. It comes with a supreme filtration system for effective fume collection, significantly improvement in the atmosphere and makes it hazard free.

How does Welding Fume Extractor work?

It is based upon Electrostatic Filtration Principle perfect for fume collection from project sites dealing with Welding, Arc Welding, Spot Welding, Brazing, Plasma Welding/Cutting, and MIG/TIG Welding. A blower present inside the machine passes through an ionizer to leave behind positive charge. From here, these positive charged ions move to grounded like-charged collection plates for removal. As a result, the workplace atmosphere improves drastically and everybody breathes easy. Time to time cleaning of these collection plates are required to ensure the accurate running of this electrostatic system.

Features of Welding Fume Extractor:

Our Welding Fume Extractor machine offers a basic suction capacity in 1000 CMH-6000 CMH range so ideal for various industrial scenarios. A flexible machine you can mount it variously to fit with a fume extractor self-balanced arm and removes harmful gases from multiple stations. We also offer a Centralized Extractor machine of 100,000 CMH capacities for dealing with high fume loads effectively.

Welding Fume Extractor