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Tig Welding Fumes Extractor

We are the leading manufacturer of high-end TIG Welding Fume Extractor, which is the perfect choice for any industry for controlling fumes, emit during welding. This pollution control device can control any type of fume perfectly and make the workplace pollution free. Fume generated at the time of welding is detrimental for lungs, larynx and skin and can be fatal if exposed consistently. Polluted workplace inevitably leads to worker absenteeism and affects morale of workers. Welding fume eliminator creates safe and pleasant environment, which is conducive to workers’ performance.

Being the paramount welding fume extractor manufacturer, we use state-of-the-art double filtration procedure called as electrostatic principle in every fume collection device. As this TIG Welding Fume Extractor works abiding by electrostatic principle of filtration method, which is one of the best methods to collect fume from the place where welding, TIG/ MIG welding, Arc Welding, Plasma Cutting / Welding, Brazing, Spot Welding, is at progress.

Electrostatic filtration is the most accurate mechanism to control fume effectively. In this method a blower is used to pull fume particles while passed through and ionized that leaves a positive charge to them. Once the particles are moved through alternately like-charged grounded collection plates, then the particles are chased away by the like-charged plates and forced into the grounded collection plates. Potentially safe and filtered air then comes back in the workplace. When the collection plates are cleaned, electrostatic systems work appropriately and accurately. TIG Welding Fume Extractor’s efficiency drops notably if the particles cover the plates completely. So, for keeping the fume extractor operational, collection plate should be cleaned at regular intervals. Our fumes extractor system comes with standard suction capacity of 1000 CMH to 6000 CMH, which is adjudged beneficial for a wide range of fume collection activities. To make the fume extractor more perfect for the clients, we have done so many R&D over the couple of years and came up with most advanced computer aided modeling. Being the most advanced procedure to eliminate fume from welding area, it covert the workplace clean and pleasant.

For providing necessary flexibility to the clients, TIG Welding Fume Extractor can be mounted various way according to clients’ convenience and can be fitted with a self-balanced fume extractor arm. Due to rendering low maintenance cost, high efficiency and guaranteed clients’ satisfaction, it is deemed a perfect choice for every welding station. We render this fume extractor under the brand name of Fumekiller, which is regarded one of the best pollution control devices that can control all types of harmful fumes generated during welding.

We have designed most useful fume extractor that can be helpful to remove fumes from multiple welding stations accurately and neatly. Our specially engineered welding fume extractor is capable of collecting fume generated at the multiple welding stations. To match your requirement, we also have designed a massive centralized fume extractor which has suction capacity of 100,000 CMH and can be used in the industry where a huge amount of fumes are generated.

Tig Welding Fumes Extractor